Monday, November 1, 2010

More of Who You Are

There's a fascination with Make Overs.
Whether its a midlife woman, an aging man, a career, or a home, somehow it seems to free the person or thing to start over, start new.
Unless its more of who your core self is, it can not be sustainable.
I could never be made over to live in New York City. It just wouldn't work, because the core me is not a city person. I've tried cities, they are fun to visit, but are way too noisy.
A city person trying to live in the forest and doing natural things would be unrealistic and impossible. The quietness, lack of constant human interaction, and unavailablity of immediate goods and services would be very stressful.
When I see make overs on t-v, I always wonder if the person will continue with the new look and maintain the new style. Is it their nature, or a designers vision only?
I read about people giving up college degrees to follow dreams. Somehow the person got onto a college track, studying law or business. Yet they had always dreamed of owning horses, or maybe running a bakery. Now, with some age and wisdom, or perhaps a glimpse of how short life is with a near death experience, the Make Over has been self initiated.
Being part of a make over should always bring you closer to your core self, and it should feel that way. If the path seems brighter, makes inner sense, regardless of money or emotional support, that is the road to follow.
I read three questions posed by a retirement planner:
1-If you had all the money you ever needed, how would you spend your life?
2-If you had just five years left to live, what would you do?
3-If you died tomorow, what would you regret?
These are good questions. I think the answers change as we age.

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