Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finding Campgrounds Across America

Looking for campgrounds when planning a cross country trip seems daunting at first. I don't like to drive way out of the way especially not knowing what they have or what they'll charge.
So, surfing the web I found this link:
It seems to have everything a person would need, in one place, with a handy search tool. You can sign up to create your own account, and elect whether to receive e-mails or promotions.
There are maps, phone numbers, and photos too.
As the prices of motels go up, and the bedbug epidemic continues to make news, camping looks better. A person wants to be careful not to get into an expensive site, however. Sometimes a campground can be nearly as much as a low budget motel. State campgrounds seem to have the best deals. This website also shows how many sites each location has, and although I haven't tried it yet, has a "reserve now" option.

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