Friday, October 22, 2010

Why I Don't Walk for the Cure

There is so much research and evidence to support the theory that life style changes radically reduce cancer risk.
One of many, including
Studies Link Veggie Consumption to Lower Breast Cancer Rates tell us that simply eating more carrots can reduce our risk by 17%.

Experts tell us that we must stop smoking, exercise, maintain an acceptable weight, eat some fruits and vegetables, limit alcohol consumption, reduce stress and get some sunshine.

These are all free, easy things to do.

Yet, 45 million Americans still smoke. Untold millions are exposed to second hand smoke. Third hand smoke, the chemicals that remain on clothing and hair, is now raising concerns.

Exercise is a natural way to reduce stress. Our muscles need to move, our bones can't stay strong without movement and sunshine. Muscles built by good old fashioned exercise burn calories, maintain core strength, increase balance and longevity.

Its embarrassing that as a nation we continue to grow fatter. Sixty percent are over weight or even obese. Studies prove that this fat is killing us with heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes. Experts predict by 2050 one in three Americans will be diabetic.

Eating some fruits and vegetables, especially carrots and cruciferous vegetables -- collard greens, cabbage, broccoli -- is not expensive or hard to do. Gardening should be taught to every school child. I love the fact the White House is into gardening. Gardening gives us our vitamin D through sunshine. Just 15 minutes a day, without sunscreen is all we need. Maybe some classes on how to prepare vegetables would be in order too.

Limit alcohol. A glass of wine is good, some say. Excess kills.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are asked to fund research, go on marches, wear pink.
I'm sorry. I have many friends who are survivors, so its not like I haven't witnessed the trauma.
But, when are we going to start doing the things we already have proof works? Instead of looking for a pill (that many of us probably couldn't afford anyways) or a vaccination (that years down the road may be found to cause heart attacks) couldn't we start living the Cure?

Pills are not the answer. HRT, hormone replacement therapy was touted as a safe way to deal with menopausal symptoms. Some of us were talked into getting on them. Now, HRT is shown to be instrumental in breast cancers.
How many drugs have we seen pulled off the shelves due to long term negative and deadly side affects? New evidence shows phony drugs hitting the shelves, so that even if you thought you were buying the Cure, it could be just cellulose imitation.

I believe in drugs, as a last resort. I am all for science and medical advancements.
However, in our search for the Cure, what are we looking for? An easy answer, a drug we can pop in our mouths while ignoring all the research that has shown us the way to a healthy lifestyle?

Right now is the time to reduce our cancer risks. One day at a time, little by little. Or, go whole hog and get on the Cure Train. Eat right, exercise, don't smoke or drink, stop stressing and get some fresh air.

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