Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Packless System-Day Three

Today we'll make a large stuff sack, a main bag.

I cut a piece of silnylon 20 inches wide by 40 inches long. This allowed me to have two side seams which will have gross grain ribbon inserted into the sides at four locations, forming loops to serve as anchor points to the external frame.

If you want a gear pocket for water bottles, maps, etc, sew that on the front first. I had some mesh and constructed a pocket that was sewn to the outside of my main bag before sewing the side seams.

After the pocket was firmly attached, I laid right sides together, cut and placed my fabric loops , and sewed the side seams. I always double stitch (two rows of stitching) for reinforcement. Back stitching will secure the stitch, much like making a knot when hand sewing.

Square off the bottom corners. See the video at


for a step by step demo on making stuff sacks.I also have it uploaded on yesterday's blog.
After the bag was completed, I tested it on my frame to be sure it hung well. Then I added the casing for the drawcord closure.

Check out
for more information on how to add anchor points to your existing stuff sacks.

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