Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sticky Back Velcro, a product Review

I tried using sticky back Velcro this week on a friends tent. This was a modification for some screening so not only was the product tested with ultralight fabric, silnylon, it was tested on no-see-um netting.
Not sure why its getting so hard to find Velcro for sewing projects, Velcro which has no self adhesive glue covering the entire back of it. I guess people just don't sew anymore.
If you're lucky enough to have a sewing store near you, one that carries Velcro for sewing, then you're quite lucky. I tried a local fabric store and no luck. Gorgeous fabric and notions, no Velcro. I asked.
So, back to Walmart, and a 20 foot box of Velcro later, I headed home.
Its nice that the stickiness helped initially in placing the stuff at the right location on the screening. In no way would it stick to the silnylon. Then, wanting to fold back on itself it became nearly impossible to straighten out again. A small stapler was brought into service. Stapling the Velcro to the silnylon at the seam allowed me to cut to the correct length and match with the screening Velcro.
Always treat pins, needles and stables like razor blades on silnylon. It will score it and cause a tear or shear it right away.
Sewing this stuff was a balance act of cleaning needles, patience, rethreading and coffee breaks. Its done now.
Just a warning to you all before buying it. I imagine it does have applications where it works. I still have 4 feet left over from the original 20 feet purchased and I'll let you know if I find a cool way to use it.

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