Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google Earth

I watched as my friend plugged in a street address to the free downloaded
Google Earth site. The cursor flew to a home address over 800 miles away, and I could see the streets and town layout from the comfort of home.
If that isn't amazing enough, you can then request driving directions to that place from your home, and scan the highways along the route.
A person's gotta love this technology. Granted some of the photos and buildings are a few years old. The dates are given in the corner. You can click on icons and bring up photos added by others.
We had fun locating key places in Zion National Park where I worked this summer.
Check it out and feel the earth fly beneath your feet. Hang on to your chair. This rapid movement is so real you feel like you're flying, or at the very least, at an I-Max theater.

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