Sunday, October 17, 2010

Packless System-Day One

Today we stripped the external frame pack. We took off the silnylon pack that was large enough to accommodate a Garcia bear canister. We removed extra straps, padding and clips. It weighed just under 2 pounds. If you are converting your external frame pack to the packless system, prepare by stripping your pack, and placing all the hardware in a secure place.

All the pins and rings were kept in our "found objects and hardware" box.

External frames have many excellent features: the ability to adjust straps and hip belt to the owners needs, renewable and sustainable functions by remaking sacks to cinch on, long life expectancy, ultralight, inexpensive, versatile, and comfortable.

One perk of an external frame is the ability to lean it up against a tree for a back rest on breaks or in camp. Its also very easy to pack when it stays upright.

Assemble all the possible stuff sacks you may own for possible use with the packless system. We will discuss using them, or sewing the Main Bag tomorrow.


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