Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Perfect October Day

I'm loving the fall colors. Today I drove into town to get my muffler fixed. Last week, it fell half way off and I drove home with it dragging. This 96 Geo is getting old, but so worth fixing. Still getting 45 plus miles to the gallon.

I had the mechanic take a look at the fan which moves the air in the heating and cooling system. It just wasn't putting out like it used to. The dealership had quoted me some serious hundreds of dollars to replace it. But first, check to be sure it wasn't just some leaves or debris that got stuck up in there, they advised.

So after the muffler was done, my mechanic took off the fan motor and brought it to me. All this pink stuff was jammed up in the fan wheel. An acorn shell dropped to the ground as he spoke. "There's more insulation the box", he said. House insulation, rated 13R. I know cause its the stuff my studio is insulated with.
But, that was years ago. I had thought the fan was slowing down due to old age.
A mouse built its house under the hood of the Geo, but he was no where to be found. I foreclosed on him; we threw the nest away.

Everything is cleaned, repaired and purring.

The wind is bringing these gorgeous leaves to the ground. I shall celebrate my Geo's new wind with a walk in the woods.

I took this inside clip of my studio to be sure the lighting was good enough to shoot a video for YouTube last week. The art on the wall I made with mic, wood, canvas and found objects. The sewing machine is my trusty Brother brand.

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