Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Day Off for Survival Studies

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At TheFemaleSurvivalist, I review adventure and survival situations, movies and reality shows, demo ideas and talk about survival type stuff.
I've always been fascinated with survivalism. Maybe that's what also makes me a successful ultralighter. Henry David Thoreau said, "My greatest skill is to need but little".

This also applies to daily life in civilization.
Improvisation allows us to take found objects and natural materials and make the things we need. These are skills pioneers had and taught their children. These are skills our grandparents used to get through the Great Depression.
These are skills back country adventurers used to survive unforeseen crisis and live to tell about it.

Testing innovations in the safety net of the home field allows us to perfect these skills and discover new ways and confidence. I've always maintained that the brain is our greatest asset in any endeavor.
Knowledge,creativity and persistance can make up for lack of bodily strength.

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