Friday, February 25, 2011

Oil Prices Create New Bicyclists

Crazy stuff is going on world wide, the price of oil predicted to skyrocket. I say it's time to bring back the bike. As in bicycles, not Harleys.

Used to be bikes in every garage, with all kinds of gizmos, racks and panniers.

Not everyone agrees bikers should have equal access to the roads, or that there are rules governing such. I found this comprehensive website which deals with all these issues.

When I lived in Illinois, I loved riding. A fifty mile ride was not uncommon. I even did a double century into Wisconsin. An amazing adventure, which I recommend to anyone with some training, a day to ride and a day to recover.

Pack light, bring money and a credit card. The same ultralight techniques apply to distance biking as it does to long distance hiking. Good solid gear, a well cared for machine, and the ability to repair the entire system yourself.

People are killed when cars dismiss the bicyclist as a strange fringe element. Yet, bikes are sustainable forms of short distance transportation, worthy of consideration. Its an effective way to stay in shape, and help the bottom line of your economy. Bring back the moped.

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