Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Right Super Glue

The right superglue has a host of uses. This one, bought at the dollar store, two for a buck, is the best find for all around trail repairs.I like this brand because it is free flowing and can be closed tightly for months of use. A tube which is metal tends to glue itself shut and in wrestling it open corrupt the tube. Then, it drys out.
So, for long term use, choose free flowing.
Some ways I've used this product are:
If the tape is coming loose on a repair, apply glue all around the edges for a quick reseal.
You can seal frayed edges, glue patches onto gear and if you're OK with it, use it for wounds that have been thoroughly cleaned. I'm not a nurse or doctor, so the emergency self care is suggested at your own risk.
A finger or hand cut which will not quit bleeding due to constant use can benefit from a bond such as this. If its not cleaned, however, an infection can set up. Let it bleed, scrub under running water, pat dry and bandage tightly. If this doesn't work, you can opt for using the super glue, or get to a clinic.
I learned this trick when we boarded dogs years ago. Sometimes a female in heat would be attacked by other jealous dogs. The owners of these dogs didn't take them to the vet. Too expensive, they said. Instead, they'd clean up the dog, give her some antibiotics and super glue the wound shut, instead of stitches.
We were at a back country camp and this guy took out his knife, laid an apple in his hand, then proceeded to slice it. Yes indeed. He sliced right through the apple into the palm of his hand.
Some in camp thought we should scrub it up, and sew it shut, ourselves. I wanted no part of that. He was evacuated to a local hospital.
Prevention is key to staying safe.
I read the book Woodswoman and Anne wrote about recognizing her vulnerability alone in the Adirondack wilderness cabin. This made her slow down and think through any potentially hazardous undertaking.

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