Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Shot Worth Sharing-Banish Boredom

According to Outside Magazine, these are the Ten Worst Adventure photo cliches.

My personal comments are in italics.

1-Swigging from a nalgene (who carries one of them anymore?)

2-Sunsets (at least put a friend in the photo!)

3-Boulder hopping ( yes, I agree, so trite)

4- Stream crossing (loosing stuff in the stream, now that might be interesting)

5-Boot soles (no comment, seen this a million times)

6-Coiled-rope throwing (unless you're lassoing a wolf, or something else illegal)

7-Blurry Stars ( blurry, humm, yeah. Skip that.)

8-Yoga (is this an add, or a personal photo op?)

9-Wading, pack aloft (again, get the pack taking off downstream, alone)

10-Rainbows (are you doing postcards?)

Now that most of us carry either a digital camera or phone with camera capabilities, taking hundreds of photos is possible. Think artistically, take photos of scenery from all angles, snap candid photos of friends, zoom in on animals and trail mishaps. These will bring you lasting joy down the road.

The photos people want to see from your adventures are of trail friends, gear-turned-trash shots, hilarious town days, animals raiding packs, or anything crazy like that time we pigged out on the ice cream challenge. The time we filtered red squiggles from our water. The time you picked up water near a cow pie.
Photos to go with those Remeber When Stories that leave you crying with laughter.

We live in such a media rich world. Take a risk when taking those shots. You can always delete them. Who knows, you may end up with a winner.

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