Thursday, June 23, 2011

Brand Names Worth It?

I know for my thrifty, frugal nature. I like to make my own gear, modify and use thrift store finds. I especially love to find Brand Names, though, and am seeing the value of owning them. If you can spare the change, get brand names. Some of my favorites, shown below, are
Vasque Trail Shoes, Merrell hiking boots, Nike Air trail shoes, Patagonia gloves.

I'll admit, none of the above products were bought at full price. They seem to be lasting forever, which makes me think in the long run, well worth it.

Is it just about "image" or does this brand name stuff really wear better? I'm liking the fit and feel too.


I've had the pleasure of testing this Brooks Range Cirro Jacket. I drove over 6,500 miles, worked and played in the Grand Tetons, and used this jacket nearly nonstop.
It still looks wonderful. Once the zipper got caught on the ultralight fabric, and I used chap stick to lubricate it. Then, ever so gently, I slid it back in place.

Its funny, but people also seem to respect the Name. You can wear it with pride knowing you have great gear.

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