Friday, June 24, 2011

My Journey Available at Kindle Store

Amazon has provided the way for authors to upload and sell their books in a digital format.
They can be bought and read within a few minutes of purchase. If you don't have a Kindle reading device, there's a free download for PCs. That's what I did. Right now I have five books in my Kindle library.
I love the fact that you can own a ton of books without needing a large home book shelf. Also, they won't get damaged or lost and are less expensive.

Kindle Store at Amazon

I have put my first book into e-format, and you can buy it now. The beauty of this is there are no shipping fees, no waiting for the post office, or limitations because of which country you live in.

Here’s the link to
My Journey To Freedom and Ultralight Backpacking in the Kindle Store.

You can read a description of my book at and check out reader's Reviews
This book was printed in paperback by Fire Creek Pass Publications. It is the exact same book now being offered at Kindle.

Right now I'm working on my second book. I'll make it available as an e-book via Kindle.
It is a compilation of trail stories, trail recipes, and all things culinary for the ultralight backpacker. I plan to have it ready in July. Stay tuned!

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