Saturday, June 11, 2011

Politics of Dorm Living

So my dorm situation proved to be untenable.
After nearly a month of unsatisfactory negotiations with the Housing Manager, and trial and error housing situation, I submitted my resignation and left Jackson Lake Lodge at the Grand Tetons.

This is very unfortunate because I loved my job in the Bake Shop making all sorts of delicious stuff. I love baking bread, working with enthusiastic culinary students, and hiking after work and days off.

Just wasn't meant to be.
In the process, the housing manager dropped an interesting world view in my lap. She said she's a very "black and white person". Things are black or white.

I find this very curious, because the details create the gray areas. Even pregnancy can be gray. An ectopic or tubal pregnancy creates a positive pregnancy test, yet the gestation is unsustainable.

A person "working" on a problem is neither happy or unhappy. This is the gray area of life.
Think about any given situation.
A job, a relationship, a meal. There are always details that make the situation neither black or white. I love my job, but wished it paid more, or had health insurance. Or, I love my relationship, but wished he loved to dance. Or, I love this meal, but wished it weren't so fattening.

Little simple details give us the nuances of life. People who are tuned into details, detail oriented people, are prized for their far sighted problem solving abilities.

Unfortunately, this season is over for my cooking in National Parks. I am visiting family then heading back to Georgia for a summer of trail adventure and panning for gold.
See you on the other side of the country.


  1. Carol,
    Like I said in my other post I am sure going to miss you ... but our paths will cross again. I must try some of your cooking in the future ... I got to know how good you really are! :-) Enjoy your family and the rest of your summer! Ranger Rich

  2. Will miss you too, Aggie. Have fun at the meeting.