Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Second Book Is Now Available

My new book is now available through Kindle at It's an ebook, which means you can be reading it within minutes and its available worldwide.
I used the photo below to create the cover. I'm crossing Lyle Creek on the Pacific Crest Trail. My good friend, Cobweb took it for me.

To see
Everything Except Corn Pasta
just click on this link.

The book contains recipes for on the trail and preparing food at home for backpacking and camping. There are trail stories  and photos, information for those who like to use slow burning stoves and bake and much more.
The ISBN is 0-9728145-1-4. I posted the Table of Contents to give you an idea of what you'll find.

Table of Contents


Things I Learned Trailside—7

Appetizers and Beverages --11
--includes dissertation on Trail Mixes

--hot and cold food for your most important meal

Soups and Main Dishes--30

Meat, Cheese, and Proteins--42


--life’s joy

Dehydrating Foods--68

Everything Except--80
--spices, make a cozy, food list for bear canister

The Backpackers Trail Kitchen--89

Special Tricks for the Ultralighter--98
--making miles and alternative gear

The Raisin File--115


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