Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Kind of Place

ROOSTER FOUND at Brooks Lane Apartments. whoever can catch can come get. Manager M-T xxx-xxx-4194. Manager did not place ad.

This is a true ad found in my home town's newspaper this week. I read it online.
The phone number has been xxx-ed out to protect the guilty.

Ok, you gotta love a place where a vagrant rooster is offered to the person able to catch it.
Oh, wait a minute. The one offering it is no doubt sick of it chasing people, pecking on legs, crowing at 4 a.m, and pooping on the sidewalk.

Animals are great, but there is a time and place. My kids and I raised a bunch of ducks for school projects and found when ever the ducks got scared, the pooped. This is a huge mess, even if its on the grass because people (especially me) love to go barefoot.

Not like you can just scrape up bird stuff with a shovel. Not like you'd want to. A dog is different. They can be taught where the proper place to defecate is.

Birds can't be taught much.
Guess that's where the expression, "bird brain" comes from.

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