Friday, August 12, 2011

Off On a Novel Adventure

I'm writing my new book, a novel this time. Its fun, hard work, all consuming and becoming a lifestyle. Scary.

Based on an End Time scenario of survival and betrayal, I find myself learning many skills. I realized that being able to render fat into usable lard from wild hogs and bears would come in handy. Native American skills of brain tanning and net fishing would be advantageous.

I've thought much about various types of personalities and how they would handle the crisis. How many people would become subservient just to have food for the belly? How many would turn in their best friend for a seat at the table?

Then what if you found out stuff about your neighbor that left you tossing awake at night?

I'm pondering all the skills, emotional aspects, and warfare my people must go through. I'm learning about the research that's needed just to write a decent novel.

Anyways, that's what I'm up to lately, and my other blog, the female survivalist, is documenting some of my research into the skills aspect.

I plan to have it available at Kindle end of September.

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