Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rechargeable Solar Lights-Gear Review

This yard light has batteries which are recharged by solar power. Each night when it gets dark, they come on automatically. The darker it gets, the better the light shows up. These photos don't really do them justice.
We have 6 stationed in the front parking area, a nice way to light up the yard at night without costing anything except the initial few bucks apiece. These are Westinghouse, and weigh 4.5 ounces each. I thought they might even be nice for a base camp.

I found this half ounce "forever" solar powered flash light at Walmart. I bought two, one for backpacking and one for the key ring. My only suggestion for the manufacturer-a switch to keep it on. Right now, a person has to hold the button down for the light to stay on. Sometimes that can be tricky when you're hunting a piece of gear at night.

I love the weight, the durability, and the brightness. I've had it 18 months and its still going strong. My friend had one that quit on him. He laid it out on the table for three days. It seemed to be just what it needed, and it started working fine.

The brand name of the flash light is Rayovac.
Sometimes battery powered gear works better than solar.
I like to support the solar industry.

As we see with personal computers and cell phones, widespread public usage increases profitability for the industry. I believe the technology will become more affordable and deliver greater service as competition for the consumer dollar increases.

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