Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Please Translate this Study Result

Found in the Local Food Guide, Georgia Organics 2011-2012

"Adolescents who participated in garden-based nutrition intervention increased their servings of fruits and vegetables more than students in two other groups. Although further research is needed, the results of this study seem to indicate the efficacy of using garden-based nutrition education to increase adolescents consumption of fruits and vegetables. (Mcaleese, J.D. & L.L. Ranklin 2007)"

This lends itself to a  series of questions:

What is a garden based nutrition intervention? (Put that stinking twinkie down, here, eat this cucumber?)

What two other groups? (Latch key kids, free range kids, kids who pack their own lunches?)

How long did this study go on? (Please don't tell me we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to find out that kids who had adult supervision and encouragement to eat more garden foods did so.)

The study seems to indicate? ( The data must be pretty shabby if that's all it accomplished)

I find this kind of thing misleading and ridiculous. Kids who become involved in their own health will do better than kids without leadership and opportunity. Garden based nutrition intervention? I wonder if this is being done in the school cafeteria, with real food on the menu.

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