Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dead Man's Pass Rest Stop, Oregon

Driving west on I-84, I pulled into Dead Man's Pass Rest Area. It was gorgeous. I took a hike, heading up this wide gravel road, noting the Cable Route sign while I trod up the steep incline. Expecting to actually see a sign posting that I had arrived, I took some footage of the area, without actually seeing my trail marker.

I'm told that no one hikes this trail. The rest area itself is the pass. Oh well, in the process I reclaimed my memories and smells from the Pacific Crest Trail. The woodland cedar smells, warmed from hot sunshine, toasty odors and pine fragrance. You gotta love it. Of course, the PCT winds its way through miles of dry land, lava flows and mossy overgrowth. Oregon is a marvelo

When you've hiked alot of trails, smells alone can send you into reveries. I got to get out this summer, load that pack with a week's worth of ultralight food and stay in the back country.

I didn't see any wild creatures on this hike. A few cars, people with dogs probably keep wild creatures away. I imagine black bears frequent the area, looking for trash.

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