Thursday, June 7, 2012

Phantom Ranch Year Round Job

Yesterday I worked at an assisted living facility here in Nampa. It was depressing, looking out at all the seniors, frail and seated around tables, looking forward to the meal we had prepared back in a well ventilated kitchen, knowing everyone of us will come to that juncture sometime, unable to do for ourselves if we live long enough.

I kept wondering if this was all I would do for the rest of my life. Work in town, live in town, domesticated and tied down. I wondered if life had changed for me irrevocably. And I wondered, why? Was it just my own fears clipping my wings?

I came home, took a nap. After all, it's been less than a month since my surgery and I was very tired. Everyone on staff understood I was only there to observe, had my restrictions, and was being "reviewed" for future employment. No long term job offer has been forthcoming yet.
What a weird day for both me and the cooks. None of us has ever done that before...test run a potential cook. The administrator said the last cook they hired couldn't even make jello.

Well, that explains it.

So, after supper I checked out the  site and saw an ad for full time employment at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Oh my goodness! I've always wanted to spend a season there. Not sure about the summer, though. But, thinking about it just put such a grin on my face. I was re-inspired. I jumped in the car, went to Walmart and bought ice cream and cookies to celebrate.

I think the seasonal thing is my addiction. Living and working in cool places.


  1. Housing is very limited down at the bottom of the canyon; so usually before anyone gets hired down there, they have to work a 'weekend' just to see how they get along with everyone else that's already down there. Some people love the seclusion enough to work down at the bottom for a few years. Usually they work 10 days straight (doing everything) and then they have 4 days off.

  2. Thanks Sunni for your insider information. I can see where that would benifit both the new hire and the people already living down there.
    I loved Phantom Ranch, spending a couple days down there just wasn't enough.