Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rant on the Safeway Experience

Ok, so I'm here in Missoula for an important recheck on my surgery. Staying at the special house, $25 bucks a night for people in my situation. I go food shopping, down to the nearest store.

Its a huge, gorgeous store, and just happens to be a Safeway. I shoulda known better. I hate these type of stores that require a card to get any of the posted deals. You know them, the NON Walmarts, the NON family ma and pa stores. The ones that post the teaser price and in small letters the outrageous regular price should you just happen to not be a card carrier.

Of course, you can sign up then and there, hold up the line, get glares from those behind you wanting to know just what's your problem.

I bought my four items, sans card and was informed I coulda saved $4.67. In my world, $4.67 is real money. I informed the clerk I was not from here, was here for medical procedures, could she do anything. Nope, she replied, just come back later, sign up for a card and get the $4.67 refund.

So, that's what I did this morning, early. Just so happens customer service didn't open until 9 a.m. so I proved to be a real pain, tying up valuable time for at least 3 employees and several customers waiting in line. I got to hand it to them, they did give me the refund. Nice.

It really is maddening, and now that I have their card, along with three other grocery stores of like persuasion, I hope I never have to shop there again. Its simply not that rewarding.

Sorry for the rant. No, I take that back. Not sorry.

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