Saturday, June 9, 2012

Need An Extra Layer-Don't Forget the Dollar Store?

With postage going through the roof, I've decided to come clean and share a tip with all you gear heads out there.
I know its gonna seem ultra frugal and down right low class, but when you're heading into colder climes and you need that extra shirt of a pair of mittens, check out the local dollar store. Even a pair of nylon socks for a buck are worth the weight. Then just throw them away when you're done.

I did this along the Appalachian Trail, before heading into the Shenandoah's and the Whites. Once finished with those higher elevations, I just donated to the friendly Hiker Box the clothes I didn't need. No reason to pack it up and pay the expensive postage home.

The other day I shipped a friend some ultralight gear. It was so light, yet the postage surprised me. No added features, like overnight, or even insured. You get the picture.

Resupplying along the trail is also very doable, if you lower your expectations and know how to shop the local food marts. Check out the aisles inside most gas stations. There's plenty of food and calories to get you 100 miles down the trail.

I've got a new, crazy book available. Its an E book,  uploaded for both Nooks and Kindles. To the right are links.  For the next month, I'm putting it on sale for only $4.99. Hope the stories both inspire you and make you laugh. I have info on all my recent trails too.

An Ultralighter's True Trail Stories-Beyond the Journey

Happy Trails, may they all be lighter.

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