Friday, July 6, 2012

Buffs On the Move

I had a couple days off and decided to go visit my friends up at Lake Yellowstone. I love that location. Its only an hour and half drive when there's no traffic. This morning there was a little back up because the bison, or buffalo, are on the move. There were young calves among them. I didn't get out of my car, or get too close with my car. These dudes are bigger than a blue 1996 Geo Metro.

The weather has been good. We were favored with rain, and then heavy fog driving back the next morning. All traffic had head lights on. No one wants to meet one of these big 2,000 pound buffs around the corner at 45 mpg.

I picked up two hitchhikers at Canyon Junction. I normally don't have enough space in my car to even consider this, but today I did. The young couple was from Germany and had bought a Discovery Pass for under $600, 60 days of traveling by  Greyhound bus, large backpacks in tow.  Other than being a little cold, they seemed quite happy.

Before they stuffed themselves into my car, I told them I was going to Mammoth. They needed West Yellowstone. I said I'd take them to Norris Junction, 12 miles away. They were happy with that.

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