Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Electric Peak-Yellowstone National Park

Signs are posted, this one has an orange flag because its in the middle of a meadow and when the snow gets deep, it would be hard to see.

This pine tree is growing smack in the middle of a rock. Talk about a survivor.

One of the many "barriers" that must be skirted before climbing to the peak. When the trail peters out, and you're standing above the abyss on loose scree, turn around. You missed the turn off, seldom marked, and found on the other side of the wall.

Today I bit off a lot. On trail by 7 a.m a light mist was falling, the sky was overcast, a little sucker hole appearing momentarily, and I was headed for a mountain top 10 miles away.

I've heard about this peak, the sketchy last miles, the scree so loose grown men will cry. Now I see why. There were times I totally lost the trail, finding myself looking out over the abyss. Finally, I came to my senses, turned around, looked over the boulder wall I thought was put there to keep me from sliding off. Nope, it was put there to hide the real trail, a tight set of switch backs easily missed when they take off beneath a lone pine, squeezing behind a set of boulders or just appear out of no where.

By noon I'd decided to rest, sitting atop the final ridge, glancing up to the Knob which makes the summit. Or so I'm told. Two guys arrived, they weren't sure either what the official summit was. I hoped there would be a sign telling us we'd arrived.

I was testing a new pair of boots I'd bought in West Yellowstone. They are Merrell, the continuum series, a leather boot of sorts, high top and yet so light weight I actually bought them. There is a minature tag that says Waterproof on them. We'll see. I'll let you know.
The one thing I was disappointed with is the inserts. Its a shame a person has to buy decent inserts for a $100 boot and swap them out.. The tread is great on this hiking boot and they weren't hot on this 19 mile hike. All in all, it seems to be a good fit for the mountains here.


  1. Brawny, thanks for posting your pictures today. Looks like a tough hike. Love the terrain. It looks like an alien landscape!

    Merrell makes good work shoes. My pair of Merrells are about two years old. I did have to replace the insert as well not long after purchase. Why don't they put in a good insert to begin with?

    Thanks so much for posting the 5 pitches on youtube. I played with the Brawny gear tarp in the front yard today much to the amusement of my children, neighbors and the dog. Replaced the paracord I used orginally with spectra cord and tried to do 4 different pitches. Really like the Brooks Range Tarp pitch you did with two poles at different heights and elastic on the front.

    I also experimented with a 3 tealight stove and the wax became so hot after a hour that it would not blow out or snuff out, and I had to go ABC extinguisher on it. I do not recommend this type of stove at all. It did however bring the chili to a nice boil and cook the meal. LOL!

  2. Thanks Flo, I tried to upload a short video taken near the last ascent, but I couldn't get it to load. Guess the broadband here is too slow.

    I like the hiking boots. Really, I should take them to our post office and weigh them on the scale. Its amazing how light they are and cute too.

    Pictures and gear review to follow sometime soon.

    I love the fact you're playing with 5 pitches! keep going, just expanding the knowledge base of active women.

    1. I am planning to make a no seeum bug screen to go under maybe use silon or tyvex for floor. The nails hold much better than my alu. stakes. We are going to AmicalolaFalls on Tuesday and day trip the park. Hope to see the hiking museum there!

  3. Sounds fun, enjoy the approach trail, Flo!