Monday, July 30, 2012

Survival Kit with Bear Spray

I enjoy hiking alone. For one thing, you don't have to arrange your schedule to fit another person.
I'm basicially a morning person, getting out on the trail at daybreak. But sometimes I have to hike after work. I love walking a river trail, watching the water cascade down rocky bends deep in bear country, alone.

Wearing cargo pants, I can bring a few things like keys and employee I.D. But the most important thing I bring is my Sling. Watch the short video and see what I have in this ultralight survival kit.


  1. Brawny, I have read that bear spray is more effective than whistles and rocks if you are charged. I wonder if Halt brand spray or pepper spray for personnel defense is as safe against bears? Have you had to spray a bear or anyone you know have that experiance?

  2. So far no actual spray experiences, but I think the bears might be just as glad for no confrontations as I am....