Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meeting the Most Unlikely People

I met this really great guy while camping last Sunday. He had a drift boat and was an experienced fly fisherman. Now, I don't know anything about fishing. He patiently filled me in on some of the aspects. It was obvious he was passionate about his sport, and those are always the kinds of people who excel.

I met him by walking down to the neighbor's camp, seeing all the fishing gear, having a night to chat around a campfire just seemed the thing to do.  He was good with that.

Later he went to the river and stood midstream casting gracefully into the water. I can see why a fish would be mesmerized, and take that bait.
We talked about gear, and found out we both like to design stuff. One thing led to another and we had a whole design worked out, but I can't divulge anything more.

I'm constantly amazed by the really cool people you can meet on your journey if you're not too shy and just say hello.

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  1. Oh, now, that's just a teaser.... you met someone and put your heads together and came up with a new design, and you won't tell us? No fair!!!