Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ripped Butt Is Serious Stuff

I went on a full day hike with  a guy I just met at work. We carried light packs, food, water, necessities. I had chlorine for water purification. What I didn't have was a sewing kit or underwear.

Ok, here's the deal. While approaching this water fall, I was so amazed, I just kept going until the trail ended right on a big rock. I scrambled up, took footage. Seems the bandwidth here in Yellowstone doesn't like short videos. I'll keep trying

Well, on my way off the rock, I slid, felt my North Face pants rip, felt a sting on my butt, and knew it was serious. I grabbed hold of tree roots, pulled myself back up enough to unhook the pants.

Of course, I don't wear underwear hiking. I was lucky the pants didn't shred farther. No blood, just now concerned I have to walk with this new acquaintance and my .......showing, some skin, lets say. So, pulling my shirt down, pulling my pants up, I decided with my pack on probably I was ok. He never mentioned it, all 5 hours remaining of our hike.

Now, I'm wondering, does a person need to carry back up shorts, underwear, a sewing kit. I should have brought the murphy kit : the Ultralighters repair kit for all things that can go wrong. My bad. I learned!

The pants now have a large L shaped stitched repair. I will put a pocket over it, and no one will ever know....unless they ask how come the pocket isn't the same fabric as the pants. How about I put a real funky pocket on, like stripes or something, and it will become a fashion statement?


  1. I tore up two pair of pants in one hour at work! I had more thank goodness. Well you still have to take them off to sew them up! LOL! I don't know that I would take a sewing kit on a dayhike but it could be very useful. Did your hiking partner notice?

  2. He claims he didn't....what kind of guy doesn't look at your....a$$?

    either he's lying or dead