Friday, December 10, 2010

Lunar Eclipse Scheduled

December 20 we are scheduled to enjoy a lunar eclipse.
According to the news, the moon will also be a beautiful orange, and this will be free to enjoy by all of us in North America.
Some winter weather is expected to proceed this event here in the North Georgia mountains. I'm hoping we get snow instead of ice. I'm thinking an evening making coffee over a campfire under the overhang while watching the snow fall would be good, clean, Free fun.
The simple things in life are often taken for granted. How many will be buying those last minute Christmas gifts to wrap and place around a tree? Hopefully, those gifts will be appreciated and used in the year to come.
In this economy, things are looking pretty uncertain. Who knows what 2011 will bring. Probably best not to go into debt giving frivalous gifts.
Express your love to family and friends by giving the gift of your time, your approval, your attention. Enjoy some free fun together and give the gift of pleasant memories.

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