Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Health Care Law Unconstitutional

Is it Unconstitutional to mandate that we all must purchase a product from private industry?
Is there any other country on earth with this type of law? I found this while researching this very question:

Can we look at a government option, a plan whereby, like Medicare, we just pay into a central piggy bank, and get medical attention when we need it?

They've already warned us there won't be enough doctors to go around if this "universal health care" law remains unchanged.
Those of us who maintain their health and participate fully in preventative care may be forced to buy into the private insurance pool to enable all the sick people to not be rejected in the same pool. How many are sick because they are obese, won't give up smoking, won't get off the sofa, drink to excess, eat an appalling diet, and engage in risky life styles?
By giving the private insurance companies a sure thing, we either opt for the poverty route or work until age 65 in order to afford the ever rising cost of health insurance.
I am for a public option. Hard to believe that our government may come to the point of so obviously supporting the leeching of its citizens by corporations built upon the profit business model.
Just my two cents.
Hats off to the judge in Virginia, and its attorney general with the guts to say Congress does not have the right to legislate Non Activity of Commerce.

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