Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Putting In Applications for Cool Jobs

Now is the time of year when seasonal workers are putting in their applications for seasonal work.
My favorite site for this is
2011 will be my third season working in a cool location. In 2009 I worked in Yellowstone National Park. In 2010 I worked in Zion National Park.
Who knows what 2011 will bring.
If you can travel, or desire to get a taste of this type of lifestyle, check out CoolWorks. Employers are many and varied. You can surf, sign in, and read what its all about.
Its free, and everyone is really friendly.
In this economy, flexibility is key. Entry level to management seasonal jobs, cruise ships, national parks, camps and too many opportunities to list can all be found over there.
Try something new, if you can. Discovery is the spice of life.

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