Friday, December 31, 2010

Trail Planning Page

January 1st I'll begin blogging about how to plan a long hike. Each week there will be a new subject, such as Choosing the Trail, The Budget, Gear, Getting In Condition, and more. If you have an idea or question you'd like to see addressed, please comment, or write.
As the week progresses, we'll delve into related issues, like once you choose a trail, how do you get there? Or, how much is it going to cost and how can I cut some corners?
I write about many things. The easiest way to find information about a topic is to use the Search this Blog box located to the right of the page.
The other blog I do
is set up the same way. January will see more alternative gear ideas and demos on that blog.
The ten pages listed to the right are also written by me. The search box works with them as well.
Many cool links can be found on these pages. Links for gear companies, foods, vacations, cell phones. I don't necessarily list all of them on my Links Page because I usually post links on that page that are hard to find or of unusual nature.
Check out the Trail Planning Page for the compilation of information, and schedule of topics.
Happy New Year.

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