Thursday, December 9, 2010

True Blood is Not A Reality Show

According to a news article in AARP magazine, teenagers are biting each other, and drawing blood. This trend is being credited to the vampire movies and themes we're seeing on television.
I personally liked the HBO series, True Blood, if for nothing else than comic relief, a slam at religious voodooism, and Sunday Night drama.
But, folks, its not a reality show. Its fake blood. Human teeth are for grinding, not punturing veins.
Human bites, and that goes for vampire wannabees, can cause infections and blood borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis.
Many of us remember teaching somebody's kid Not To Bite! Is someone forgetting their lesson?
Not everything you see on t-v needs to be emulated. It's a fantasy. Take Avatar: riding a big bird is not going to happen. Not supposed to happen.
Or The Road. No roaming cannibals yet, not that I'm aware of.
But, that movie stays with a person.
I'll know my partner is over it when he quits buying amunition.

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