Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Death Dream

Last night I dreamed I was going down the Interstate.
It was day light, and somehow the car began to speed up, traveling at least 80 mph. Someone yelled, "Slow that thing down!"
We swerved onto the grassy median strip, then back onto the highway, then into the far right lane.
Pushing the brake didn't help at all.
A semi truck was in front of us, seemed like I was the passenger.
To avoid rear ending the tractor trailer, we swerved to the right.
Right into a tall cement structure, like a bridge. When the car hit it, the front end crumpled into whiteness, and explosion. I expected to feel the pain. There was no doubt that we both had died. It was simply whiteness.
I felt numb, total body numbness.
I jerked awake.
I've been pondering this all day. The trailgods are warning me, I feel, not worry so much about the future. I have no idea what day, or how I will die.
My whole mantra health wise has been"do the best you can, and try not to get hit by a car".
This dream is a good reminder.

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