Monday, March 7, 2011

Hiker Stories at Hiker Hell

I stumbled upon

and just had to share this link with you all.

Its filled with stories of mishaps and troubles. The stuff we all can learn from.

I got started on this Prevention thing while reading about the Cost of Search and Rescue.

I wrote about that at today.

Sometimes people head out as ultra lighters before they are truly ready.
Go prepared, then skinny down your gear list as you become comfortable with trail life.
Never begin a trail without, and Never send these essentials home:
Rain gear, whether its a poncho, plastic bag or decent rain suit,
Shelter, even if its nothing but an 5 x 8 tarp,
Water Bottle, even if its simply soda bottles
Directions, by that I mean a map, compass, trail guide, or something that gives you a clue where you're headed.

The case can be made for cold food, going stoveless. You can make it without man made lighting by using the sun and moon when you're moving. You can get by without a cutting tool.
A sleeping bag or bed roll is extremely important and should probably be included in the above list, but a person can survive without one, a miserable survival, true.

Is this how you want to remember your trail, though?
Take what you need, and refine as you travel. That's my takeaway from these adventure stories.

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