Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Mother In Law is Gone But We Still Have the Chickens

I've been without a "modem" sence Saturday last week. Sence we live twenty miles out of town this has been very inconvienent. It means our phone service provider is not providing our internet because there equipment has failed. They're sending a new one to replace it.

In the meantime, I drive into McDonalds, get a coffee, and use the free WiFI here. Sweet.
Or, I can go to the library, and use their PC, but, that means all my stuff on the hard drive is inaccessible.

Not that I'm addicted to the internet. I can quit when ever I want.

My Partner has called our provider, and its never the same story. But, suppossedly, tonight we should have our modem, and have everything back, including the marvelous NetFlicks.
If you've never tried NetFlicks, get it a try. They offer one month free, trial basis. We're hooked. You get to watch movies via internet upload onto your wide screen t-v, pause when you want, never worry about how long you got it, surf for movies and add them to your queue.

Anyways, yesterday our power and phone went out. We don't get cell service either. Sorta insult to injury, and it reminded me of the old jewish story of the guy who lived with his wife in a tiny house.
It seemed unbearable to him because there just wasn't enough space, and so he and his wife would fight.
Finally, in desperation, he goes to the Rabbi, asking for help. The Rabbi counsels, "my son, do you have a mother in law?"
"yes," he replies "of course, who does not have one?"
"Invite her to move in, insist she comes to live with you" the Rabbi responds.
"But I have no room, not even for myself and dear wife!" he complains.
"Do as I say, and all will be well" the rabbi replies.

The poor man goes home, does as instructed, the mom-in-law comes, bags and all. It is horrific. He goes back, begging for permission to kick her out.
"No, my son," the Rabbi consoles," but do you have any chickens, or goats, or even a dog or two?"
"What? You must know I do, they are in our frount and back yard, every day" the man is bewildered, "What does that have to do with my problem?"
"Move them into the house, yes, yes, I know you have little room, but do as I say, and all will be well"
The man is determined to follow the wise Rabbi's advise. He is a man of god, no?
He does as instructed, but even God himself can not calm the storm. The animals are crapping on everything, the mother in law is constantly yelling, the wife is crying, and he would kill himself if such were permitted.
In desperation, the man returns to the Rabbi, and pours out his misery.
"Now, go home in peace, my son, and move your animals and mother in law out of the house. Come back when that is done", and the Rabbi leaves the room.

Joyfully, he does as instructed, and he and his wife celebrate the quiet evening with a fine meal. She is smiling, promising sweet things, and he is so elated it takes him two days to get back to the Rabbi.
"You are so wise, Rabbi, all is marvelous, thank you for your help!" he exclaims.

The moral? Being with out the internet is bad. Being without power and phone is much worse.

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