Monday, March 28, 2011

We Ponder Not Whether to Wander But Where

Just when You think you're doing something cool or remotely remarkable, along comes a story like Jason Lewis: Human Circumnavigation Around the World

I'm moved with awe and humility.
Some of us are adventurers by nature, curious to a fault. A daily dose of adrenalin preferrable to complacency.

I recently fired an assault rifle under close supervision. That was a trip!

Travel is a great adventure. Some feel with nuclear safety being questioned, and oil scarcity, our travel will become limited, and the globalization of commerce will cease. I don't know. Maybe.
They hypothesize that we'll be adventuring in our own neighborhoods. How big is a neighborhood?

Your neighborhood might depend on how far you can travel by human power: bikes, roller blades, rowing and paddling, walking.

We ponder, not whether to wander, but where.

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