Friday, April 1, 2011

Is All Adventure Really Over?

Werner Herzog is attributed with saying" Adventure is over. All the white spots on the map have been discovered. It belongs to differenet centuries than ours." Tom Vanderbilt wrote the article about this gifted film director who did Grizzly Man and Rescue Dawn . I beg to differ. We may know something or some place exists, but there is always a new way to experience it on a personal level. Like the guy who circumnavigated the globe using human muscle power alone. I wrote about that on
on March 28, 2011. Pretty amazing stuff. We know the world exists, that's not the point. The adventure began and continued until 13 years later Jason Lewis completed the journey.

Many are heading down the Appalachian Trail right now. To each it is an adventure. The people, the food, the gear, each town stop, each trail shelter. I can visualize it. Even though its already been discovered the adventure remains. Lives will be changed, mellowed out, gaining new aches and pains, meeting crazy wonderful people.

People are sailing around the world,a couple teenagers have done this alone, breaking records, meeting waves to shatter a pirates resolve. Now, don't say that ain't an adventure. Its an adventure for me just to take a ferry up to Alaska.

So many adventures, so little time.

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  1. Adventure is over, huh? Mr. Herzog has obviously never heard of the ocean, or how about caves? Most of depths of the earth lie completely and totally undiscovered.

    Adventure also lies as much in the mind as it does in the "white spots" on the map. Going bigger, faster, and longer across the landscape will always continue to push runners, climbers, cyclists, et al into more and more exciting and extreme adventure.

    At Mr. Werner I can only giggle at a lack of foresight.