Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elimination-The Downsizing Process

"...but the monkeys on my back are all my belongings. I'm fine with selling all the furniture and kitchen items but it's all the small stuff and photos and photo albums and other sentimental items that need a place for safe keeping. Don't want to be carrying it around or paying to store it. It is a lot of %^&$.

So regrettably I turned down my Grand Canyon offer. There was no way I could organize myself in 6 weeks...

A friend posted this on a forum, prompting advice to pour in to assist her dreams. I gave my two cents, and thought I'd share the plan here.

J, a parkie taught me this trick, in 2009 : each day you get rid of one thing, you get one big photo album, and start filing all of it, you stop using 5 different hair care products, use it up, but don't replace it.

Downsize in small steps. If you got rid of one thing a day, which also includes using up but not replacing one thing, each day that would be 365 things by next spring. If you get ambitious, make it two.

In our society, its easy to suddenly find yourself with 20 pairs of shoes, 6 winter jackets, 5 tents, etc.

Best wishes, don't wait too long cause this world is changing so fast we don't know what it will be like in 3 years!

Well, the person admitted to being a procrastinator, having issues with this idea, so I continued:

See, that's the beauty of the One Thing A Day Downsizing plan....if you follow this plan, it becomes a habit. How hard is it to choose one thing per day (or use up one thing a day) and get rid of it? After 21 days, it becomes second nature, and you're well on your way to mimimalist lifestyle.

For instance, get one large box for donations and start in the closet. Is there anything you haven't worn in a year, or that makes you look fat, or is stained, or old, or makes you feel old...? Either cut it up for rags, throw it away, or place in the donation box.

There, done for the day.

Of course, this also means implementing Moratorium of Purchaces. If you buy something, you must eliminate something. When the box is full , donate it. Worthy cause benifits from your generosity.

In the course of a day, you may see a knicknack you bought on a trip to Vegas...do you really love it? Do you love dusting it, taking up space? Donate it, there done for the day, nothing else required.

Psycologists tell us sometimes we really don't want to implement our dreams. Its way easier to just stay in a routine.

Routines are like ruts: a grave with no end.

This is my brand of minimalism. Some call it extreme. It won't help the "economy", but it will free you.

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