Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Long Term Vacationer

I loved reading the article on CNN's Money page about Rolf Potts, a 40 year old "location independent professional".

Time As Wealth, the Long Term Vacation

He advocates exotic travel, vacations of duration by getting out of the tourist mainstream luxury trap and going as "backpackers" do. I love this article. It espouses a concept my partner and I have used for, my god, can I say it, decades.

Its looked down upon by many. Eating like the locals do, finding that small, back street motel, walking everywhere, and forgoing the tour bus mentality.

I know we're not the only ones, either. I've learned in my travels to leave all that jewelry at home. Better yet, sell it to fund the next adventure.
Leave all that foo foo stuff for yuppies who sport an ego on the chest. If you dress simply, in non-new clothes you'll still be recognized as American, but less likely target for those with get rich quick schemes.

This young man is writing a book about the concept and I hope he does well. Getting off the main street, off the grid and hamster wheel takes mental fortitude. It takes rejecting all the fears we've been taught.

As we're told of improving unemployement statistics, I'm inclined to chuck it all in favor of the vacation. By researching how these numbers are manipulated, I'm more inclined to travel, work as a location independent professional (cooking in National Parks) and love life even more.

Happy Simple Frugal Trails.

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