Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toshiba Laptop Review

I'm loving my new laptop. I bought it through Walmart's site to store program, so shipping was free. Cost: $528 plus tax. Specs: 3 ghz processor, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB Hardrive, a host of ports, built in web cam with built in microphone, Red. Yes, a dark reddish, very lovely.

According to a video on YouTube, which I watched at April 13,2011, you better get stuff now cause Japan is having trouble, which will spread world wide. I'm confident the global economy will figure something out, but I'm glad I got mine yesterday.

Its fast. I can watch net flicks while e-mailing. The Windows 7 is much better than Vista. I had an Acer which lasted 4 years. The main problem with that brand is the volume is too low. Toshiba has plenty of volume which allows you to share without getting external speakers.

Included in the package is the Office 2010 Starter, a basic word program with advertising on the side. Non obtrusive, I think it will work fine. Initial tests are great.

Another advantage of this Toshiba over Acer was the ports are on the sides and front, not on the back. Every time you wanted to plug something in, relocate or adjust something it was a matter of feeling for it, reaching over the screen. If you're at a Mc Donald's surfing back to back with another person, this gets tight.

I love the fact I can take this back to my local Walmart if things aren't working right in 30 days. I'd drove to Best Buy over 50 miles away last time I purchased a laptop, and when it had blue-out screen issues, and missing software, I had to drive back over, wait for inspection. That's another reason I wouldn't have one shipped here.

The Norton Virus protection is faster than I expected. I may stick with them and not install MacAfee like my Acer has. I'm loving the wide screen and other perks this Toshiba offers. Its better to go online at
than picking out something at your local Walmart. There's better prices, and you can get exactly what you need.

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