Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Continental Divide Trail Hikers Wanted

I'm starting to look at the Wyoming section of the CDT....and I'd like a partner to hike it with me.

I'd like to start at Copper Mountain and head north at least until I reach Old Faithful.

If anyone is interested, please comment, or email me. Check my profile for the address.

I've hiked two portions of the CDT.  This photo was taken in Glacier National Park.  It was a fantastic hike through griz country. The bear canister weighed 2 pounds 11 ounces. I used my modified external frame. The original pack was replaced with a custom silnylon pack I made and fitted so the canister could slip right in.

This is some of my gear in front of the pack I used. As you can see, I favor green and black, along with some camo. My hiking poles show lots of use as well. They form the support or structure of my ultralight, custom made Brawny Tent.

I don't have to have a partner for this, but I would like one. My credentials can be found at

May all your trails be lighter.

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