Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ski Report and Glide Wax Gear Review

Today I applied a heavy coat of glide wax to my waxless back country skis, effectively sealing the scales completely except those under my boot. The snow is wet and slushy now, March 28, making my skis ice up so that snow pack accumulates in the scales.

Allowing the F-Wax (Snowboard Specific Fluorinated Rub On Past Wax) to dry, I buffed it and set my skis outside to adjust to the temperatures before embarking on my adventure.

The climb was done earlier this week on snowshoes by the chef. I followed his prints until arriving at the top, where he lost the trail. There really could be a few more orange markers on top, its pretty sketchy.

The glide wax was excellent. No icing up, and incredible glide, almost too much on the way down.
I managed to manipulate the hairpin turns looking out over the abyss. A couple times I used control falls to keep from going off the edge. I didn't realize going down was going to be as challenging as climbing!

Back country skis should be wider than x country skis. I'm glad mine were. At times the side stepping caused them to cross. At that point, the skier must be able to back them up, lift one over the other, yet without sliding off the edge of a very steep narrow trail.

It was fantastic. I spent about 3 hours on the adventure and highly recommend the wax as a way to prolong the season.

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