Friday, March 15, 2013

First Griz Sign Sighting

March 15th at Lake Yellowstone Man Camp. Things are getting interesting, spring is in the air, cabin fever setting in big time. Yesterday I went for an evening ski. Had to use the road, all snow packed and slick. The trails are soft. Breaking through to the thighs is not fun. I headed up to Fishing Bridge, turned around, went towards the Marina, intending to take the well used Marina trail back to Lake. Just as I swung in, I noticed huge tracks. I stopped, glanced towards the trail. Yup, he had to be right on up the trail. Of course, my camera was back in my dorm room.
The prints were so fresh I could see the lines in his pads, the claws so distinct I could count them. I followed the tracks in towards the lake, saw them head right down the trail I planned to take as the sun set. Well....humm, no bear spray on me, no camera, nope. Guess not, not tonight. I turned around, headed home, went into the Hotel to report to the foreman. No more leaving beers in the snow to chill out. Probably better not leave apple cores on the ground. As cooks making bacon for breakfast, I plan to watch the reefer platform before I head out there in the dark.
I love it here! Its fantastic. Where else do you get an adrenalin rush on a daily basis?
One of our painters doing the trim in the sun room. He's living here for a month. Its hard work, but they eat well.

Sun set view looking north across the lake. Everything takes on this lovely pink hue. Sometimes the meadow is socked in with fog while the hotel is bathed in perfect light.

A local coyote is not the least worried about me walking past. You can see the mountain of scrap metal and wood in the back.

Guys take turns pulling fire watch. The least little spark could send this place to an untimely death. All night, a man on duty will monitor from the attic to the basement, walking the floors. Many have reported strange bumps in the night. The Ghost of John Deerfield? Probably.  I wrote
Primal Cut back in November. Its a ghost story about the infamous caretaker of this historic location. will make you look at red meat just a little bit differently!
The snow looks blue most of the time, a perfect reflection of blue skies and mountains. The pines are a welcome contrast. I count myself very fortunate to be working here. I call it home.


  1. Beautiful pictures from a day behind the scenes at Yellowstone! Definately time for the bear spray! Very few black bears in our area and no grizzlies! Only 3 have been found near Birmingham in the 27 years I have been here.

  2. Thanks, Flo, you had three griz near Burmingham? or you mean, 3 blacks? Have you checked the zoo...just playing.

    ok, will post some photos of griz tracks I followed a ways the next afternoon, spray on my hip, of course, alone!