Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Remember Meredith Emerson

As hiking season gears up, and we start hiking alone, let us all take a few minutes to remember Meredith.

If you don't remember the case, several articles can be read about this heart rending murder. And, she wasn't the only victim of Gary Hilton.

This painting I did, I dedicated to her. It seemed to lack something until I added a figure of a woman and dog hiking into the mountains together. is a good place to read the account, and the other 4 murders attributed to this sick old man.

Men and women, beware. If someone gives you bad vibes, hike away from them. Be especially wary at road crossings. If you have to hitch hike for a resupply, don't get into the vehicle if you're the least bit on edge. Trust your survival instincts.

Hike safe, hike long, hike light.
And remember, we won't give up our passion because of fear.

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  1. Thank you for posting such a powerful memorial. Great advice for safety, even men need to be careful as well. Taking martial arts, knowing how to use weapons, avoiding making yourself helpless, and using common sense will go a long way to protecting yourself. I tell my children to run away first, find help, and fight back in that order if they are ever in danger.