Monday, March 4, 2013

Ski Adventure-Gear Report

I'm wearing my Columbia ski pants, they are awesome with a fleece layer underneath. Comfortable, with several pockets, a lining inside to wick away moisture. They aren't warm enough by themselves however,  you must have a layer underneath. 

The Yellow Hotel looks so far away. Its 2 miles across the ice to Stevenson Island.  I saw a crease in the snow cover and was glad I had my binoculars. There are hot spots under the ice, which can cause mush and water. Hitting one of these wet spots made my waxless skis immediately ice up. My friend, Barbie, was not having issues, her snow was good so I angled over to join her.

It took us an hour to get across to the Island. We messed around for awhile, then headed back.
You can watch the video at my youtube channel, or go over to my other blog,

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  1. a guy that my wife works with is putting together a Yellowstone hike for this summer. he asked us to join the group! I'm so excited about the possibility of a backcountry trip in Yellowstone! that is, if we draw a group permit. we won't find out until April when they do the lottery. Ron in Boise