Sunday, September 12, 2010


How did you commemorate Nine Eleven?
I didn't do anything special. Seems like no one in town did either.
Instead, it was a regular rainy day at the Saturday Flee Market.
People are trying to make a living somehow. Produce, books, diabetic sock wear. If you can put a name to what you're looking for, you'll probably find it at the market.
Then, along the edge of the curb were signs promoting the Kudzu Factory.
Here in the southeast its almost a fantasy of Kudzu taking over trees, roads and power lines. If you cut it back, it grows faster. If you spray it with herbicide it increases foliage. I read some folks were renting out their goats as nature's only cure. Its said if they eat a field long enough, the roots of the kudzu will actually be eaten eventually. This is the long term solution. One guy in Tennessee makes ethanol from it: Kudzuleene. That's my favorite idea. I wish him well. After all, kudzu is high in cellulose and protein, a great crop for fattening livestock as well.
Some talented basket weavers have created beautiful work with the kudzu vine and are selling them at a new shop opened on Highway 441 in Mountain City, Georgia. I stopped in and there is space for rent in this building, called the Promenade, for more artists.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should. That's the place I am in right now.
So, I guess I did commemorate Nine Eleven with networking and a look at new opportunities. Not a bad way to spend one of our Nation's worse days in history.

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