Thursday, September 9, 2010

Modifying Gear

This stuff sack is on its way to a new life. As a compression sack, I just don't use it, never have. Too many straps, too much extra weight (about 3 ounces in straps). So, by removing the straps, I get a good ultralight sack for future use, and some good tie down straps for my external frame pack.

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I love to modify the things I already have. Its a good skill which saves the budget, keeps things out of thrift stores or landfills and adds to the creative energy that must be fed on a regular basis.

Some people think we are Mini Gods, created in the image of our heavenly father. If that be the case, creations and innovations are necessary to happiness because that would be a core characteristic of a child of god.

I'm more into philosophy than "religion" though. Just my few cents.

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