Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gear Modification

I'm planning an insanely ultralight backpacking trip but just had to modify the Brooks-Range tarp before heading out.

The "through hole" place right in the smack dab middle of the tarp has issues. First, as a structure support, too much tension caused the reinforced patch to start ripping loose from the ultralight fabric. That's understandable.
Second, my testing showed that as a guy out point it was great, but a "washer" had to be used to keep the line from pulling through the hole. A guying loop would be much better.
So, this morning, I inserted a silnylon fabric loop (a person can use gross grain ribbon, or a section of heat sealed nylon webbing to form this loop).
I stitched it on my sewing machine.
It added no measurable weight, but increased its usefulness greatly.
I feel very strongly that all gear sent out to a tester must first be used and tested in its original state. Otherwise, anyone else buying that item would not have similar results.
But, after reasonable testing, gear modifications can improve the usefulness of that item.

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